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Gorgeous Montessori Finds on Etsy

Gorgeous Montessori Finds on Etsy How we Montessori July 2015

Some gorgeous, mostly Montessori finds that I am loving on Etsy. 

Nature Themed Play Dough Set by Montessori Restore. Lots of materials for play dough - or cooking. Lots of ideas here!

Modern Child Table Set by Jesse Lee Designs. This is gorgeous - so, so lovely. 

Cotton Montessori Placemats by Natura Baby (who also make cube chairs). 

Handmade Sewing Kit by Cobble Works. Adorable! This would be a gorgeous gift. Check out this store for other lovely handmade Montessori materials. 

Rainbow Pure Wool Hand Knitted Balls by Indigo Inspirations. How perfect for a Montessori baby! 

Montessori Palmer and Pincer Grasp Cylinders by Montessori Wood Works. 

Montessori Anatomy of the Heart Puzzle by Montessori Wood Works. I can't tell you how much I love this!

Breakfast Board - Pig Shape by On Woodland Road. More Waldorf than Montessori but I love it (Otis is on a breakfast strike, would he eat breakfast if it was on this?).

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