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The Montessori Child at Four Years

10 Fantastic Montessori School Art Shelves!

Montessori Art Areas and Shelves at Montessori Schools

I know we have discussed that in a Montessori classroom art is not confined to art shelves. In Montessori classrooms art can be found on the science, cultural, botany, geography and nearly every shelf available. However most Montessori classrooms do have art shelves and I am interested to see what is on them! Here are ten fantastic Montessori school art shelves. These pictures do not do them justice, if you are interested please click on the links - many posts feature the shelves and trays in detail. 

1. The Brilliant Child - click through for many classroom pictures. 

2. Montessori Elementary Art Shelf featured on Montessori For Everyone. Click the link for close-ups and details of the trays. 

3. Toddler Class at Canberra via How we Montessori. Love the open trays with the paint on them - it's inviting and ready for the children to use. The toddler easel is to the left and the art apron is on the right side hanging on the side of the shelves. 

4.  Art Shelf in a Primary Class via Pinterest. 

5. The Brilliant Child - click through for many classroom pictures. 

6. The Brilliant Child - click through for more art pictures and ideas.  

7. The Natural Child - I have linked to this site many times, over and over it's always inspiring. Lots more pictures and close ups on the website. 

8. This is preschool area featured on Montessori For Everyone. This blog post also lists good suggestions for materials for Montessori preschool art areas. 

9. Art shelves via Living Montessori Now. The original source for this picture has been removed however I love their colour coordination and how they have use tubs to contain larger activities. 

10. Montessori Art Shelf at Mission Montessori -  "Each activity should be relevant and purposeful."

Amazing Montessori School Art Environments

A few more pictures from Montessori School environments that I find really lovely and inspiring; FlickrPrague Montessori Children's HouseHoliday Crafts (but still very beautiful art shelves) Montessori By Hand,  Montessori By Hand.

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