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Love Notes (and Handmade Envelopes)

Otis using stickers to decorate letters to friends - using scratch and sniff pizza and apple stickers

Everything about writing letters to friends is good and heart warming. While Otis loves his letter writing tray he also loves using our old typewriter. Otis can use letter recognition and copy my writing (we are only talking about a couple of words) or Caspar will sit and help him. This is fantastic for his literacy skills. We end up with lots of little letters and notes to friends. 

Otis' letters to his friends - typed letters decorated with stickers

It's really sweet coming from a four year old. These letters are to his two closest friends. I love stationary and feel we can never have enough fun stationary and stickers. The green apple and pizza stickers above are scratch and sniff and are totally amazing. Sometimes with his letters he will draw or use his made up writing but today it was stickers. 

Hand made envelopes ways to reuse childrens art at How we Montessori

We have lots of art work hanging around - most of these are from the weekend. Firstly I asked Caspar if I could use some of his paintings to make envelopes and then Otis offered some of his. I loved showing them how to do this - not only is it fun and colourful but it's also recycling. We use a template (available at the bottom of the post) to make the envelopes. We use label stickers to provide some white space on the front to address the envelope. 

Stuffing handmade envelopes with stickers and letters to friends at How we Montessori

Isn't stuffing envelopes fun? 

Otis sealing handmade envelopes ready to send to friends

Sealing with a sticker and later some colourful washi tape! It's all part of the process. 

Note to friends in handmade envelopes at How we Montessori

Here is the template we use for the envelopes. I print the template on A4 card and cut it out. Then we trace around it on the back of the artwork, cut it out, fold on the dotted lines and glue leaving the top flap open. Insert the letters and seal. I hope you enjoy!  

Download How we Montessori Envelope Template

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