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Montessori Nocturnal Diurnal Activity

Primarily Nocturnal Animals at How we Montessori

Are your children interested in what happens at night? We are often out when it is dark. Last night we were at a park and were able to lie down on the grass and look at the stars and listen. We've gone for night walks with a torch just to see what we might find. 

I have never seen a Nocturnal/Diurnal Activity out at a Montessori school so I figure it might be a fun topic to discuss at home - at home we have the advantage and opportunity to observe our local nocturnal animals (possums on power lines anyone?). 

Montessori Nocturnal Diurnal Animal Basket at How we Montessori

I selected animals that are primary nocturnal and from around the world. As this activity is for a four year old I have tried to keep it as simple as possible. There are a few activities listed at the bottom of this post that include crepuscular (twilight) animals. This was a really good activity as some of these animals are new to Otis (beaver, raccoon, hedgehog, scorpion) and he has had to learn about these animals to complete the activity.

Montessori Nocturnal Diurnal Animal Activity at How we Montessori

Otis pays a lot of attention to owls (this board game is a favourite and requires all owlets to be in the nest before morning). We haven't done a lot of work with owls but I can see an interest there. I have printed a small fact sheet to enable me to provide him with more information about this barn owl. 

Montessori Activity Noctural July 2015

There is no control of error although he knows there are ten animals in each category, if there is more or less than ten in each group the activity needs more work.  

Nocturnal Animal Sorting Montessori Activity

I've mentioned before how much we use model animals, however this activity could easily (quickly and cheaply) be done with printed animal cards. Montessori suitable/relevant (mostly printable) resources available online include;

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