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Montessori Sewing Tray Basket at How we Montessori Sewing Practical Life Sew Activity

We have used lots of different Montessori sewing trays. Each tray or basket has focused on one activity or one skill such as needle threading or sewing buttons. This is our first real 'sewing tray', one which the child can use the materials and sew as they wish. Use running stitch on the linen in the embroidery hoop, sew buttons onto the felt, sew buttons onto the linen, sew felt pieces together, sew felt onto the linen. There is a limited range of materials available however the child has scope for creativity. 

How we Montessori Sewing Tray basket for preschoolers three and four year old sewing practical life sewing

I have tried many ways for managing thread. My son who is four will be the main child using this tray. Small balls of thread in little jars like this has avoided knots and threaded messes. This is the type of tray which would need to be replenished daily. Our sewing tray contains;

  • Embroidery thread in various colours
  • Buttons
  • Various sized needles (including an embroidery needle)
  • Thread snips
  • Fabric pencil
  • Needle threaders
  • Various buttons
  • Felt pieces 
  • Linen in an embroidery hoop

How we Montessori Sewing

For classroom inspiration this is a really beautiful tray at Montessori Design by Nuccia.

Examples of our other sewing work include; Some sewing (Montessori Practical Life) ProjectsMontessori Sewing - Preparation/Isolated ActivitiesSewing on ButtonsHand SewingRainbow Wool on BurlapSewing Cards for Toddlers and Montessori Sewing Ideas.  

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