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Reader Pics - Schleich Animals

Blydie's Animal Collection - Stored by continent!

After my recent post about activities using Schleich animals a couple of readers shared pictures of their home environments. They were so good I had to share them here!!

Above is a gorgeous set up by Blydie using wooden shelves to sort the animals using geography, by continent. Isn't it fabulous!?!  Blydie says: We've also used them for an adjective game eg. "I'm looking for an animal with a pouch." Child finds kangaroo. "Yes the kangaroo has a pouch but I was thinking of a small animal with a pouch." Child finds the koala. "Yes it was the koala I was looking for". My 3.5yo loves this.

Montessori and Me Language Cards with Schleich Animals 

The above image is from Montessori and Me by Megan. Megan says: for a budget minded/ reusable resource activity as it seems so many people have those cards lying around everywhere! The cards also have made my older son have a look in his little brother's language baskets as they give another level of detailed info on the cards. 

I love seeing what other Montessori families have on their shelves. So much so I'm thinking about starting a new series and including a link-up on Fridays. This Friday I will publish a post 'What's on our shelves' - please feel free to join in and post a link!

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