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What's on our (book) shelves July 31 at How we Montessori

Sometimes it feels like we have books in every corner of our house. It's not true though. We sometimes have books on the boys' shelves and in use in their various work spaces, there are always books in this above little book unit and next to the boys' bed. 

Here we have Animalium, World Atlas (this almost never leaves the shelves), a Space Encyclopedia (so popular after following the recent New Horizons images of Pluto - it's nice to have science feature so prominently in news and current affairs), The Animal Book (another favourite by Steve Jenkins - we love the part about evolution and the story of life near the back), Dark Emperor and Other Poems of the Night (I love the art work in this, it's relief/linoleum print, and it ties in so well with Otis' nocturnal work!), Actual Size (another by Steve Jenkins) Nature's Day and our newest addition Before After (great graphic design work!). 

Children of the World Coffee Table Book at How we Montessori

We usually have a nice children's coffee table book. This is an old favourite with really amazing photography. Children of the World: How we Live, Learn and Play in Poems, Drawings and Photographs - this is really relatable for my children, I love the format. Having coffee tables books is a really nice way to display special books and I love the look of (children) visitors when they find a nice book out like this. 

How we Montessori Books in baskets

And we always have books in baskets. The basket to the left often contains smaller books (that are too small for the top book unit) sometimes first readers and board books. The red tin to the right often has Caspar's chapter books but also children's magazines (we have lots of Anorak and National Geographic). Because I am often asked - all books out of rotation are accessible to the children. We store books in our downstairs guest bedroom which has shelves in the built-in wardrobe. 

Please feel free to join in the link up! Share your Montessori inspired shelves from your blog or Instagram below. 

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