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We only made a few changes to our shelves this week. We included new crayons with paper, they are shaped like rock crayons and are handmade so I'm interested to see how much they are used/compare to the commercial crayons we have. I wonder if their shape will change the shading or approach to drawings.

We refreshed our letter writing tray with new paper, coloured envelopes and stickers. Our Noctural/Diurnal Tray is out. Still on our shelves is the spiral paper cutting tray. This has been very popular and seems at the right skill level. I have been printing off new spirals everyday. The link can be found here

We have introduced a magnet tray. Everything in the tray is magnetic and is designed for experimentation. I put these items on a tray as Otis had them all out on a rug for a few days.

We had some Frog life cycles materials out last week however I observed Otis playing with the models, I figure why not provide a nice environment for him to play with them in. Therefore some small world play incorporating the Frog life cycle models. This arrangement actually has allowed him to tell the story of the Frog lifecycle rather than just recite facts. 

Montessori Frog Life Cycle - Small World Play Frog Pond at How we Montessori

This activity is labelling the part of the Garbage Truck (similar model here). Otis is still really pre-reading. We have lots of labels around our house and as he gets to knows the starting letter in a word, as long as it is in context he can work out what the word means. I love this for a Garbage truck interested child. I'm thinking we could also do this with our Fire Truck, Excavator and more. 

Parts of a Gabrage Truck Labels at How we Montessori

You can see last week's shelves here. Otis has just started using the BambinoLuk (Caspar has the MiniLuk) please let me know if you would like to know more about them from a Montessori perspective. So far they meet our approval.

Please link up with a picture of your shelves! Link up can also include Instagram pictures!!  

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