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Creating with natural materials!

Natural Threading Materials at How we Montessori

When contacted us about trying out some of their materials I absolutely jumped at the chance. I had a handful of items I had been wishing for and wanting to order. On the top of my list was the table top easel. Next in line was natural collage materials. I wanted to replenish out collage materials and get the boys back into creating with sticks and twigs, leaves and feathers!

Immediately I wanted to create natural threading materials. I drilled (or using a hole punch with the leaves) holes into found seedpods, wood offcuts, branch cuts and thick twigs. A really beautiful option for threading! 

Natural Threading Materials at How we Montessori #2

I think it looks amazing.

Otis threading natural materials including leaves at How we Montessori

The boys were already doing lots of collage. I just love how concentration from their work so easily transfers to their creative endeavours. Otis is totally transfixed in creating these wooden 'trees' using the branch cuts. It's actually what he spent all day doing. And then he painted all of this creations in the same colour. I don't know why but there is definitely a theme building here. 

Collage with wooden pieces and twigs at How we Montessori

Painting natural collage sculpture at How we Montessori Collage with natural materials at How we Montessori Otis painting collage at How we Montessori

I know, I really wish Otis was more in tune with wearing an apron. He's pretty careful as he doesn't like to get too messy but I'm not going to interrupt his (all day) work to get an apron or smock on him. I adore a child so totally engrossed in what they are doing. 

Collage using natural materials from at How we Montessori art collage materials Collage at How we Montessori

Colour Diffusing Leaves - How we Montessori

While not from nature but staying on the nature theme. We have been loving experimenting with colour diffusing paper with the colour diffusing leaves. Mixing up our mediums has been fun and again with lovely results. 

Colour diffusing paper from color diffusing leavesat How we Montessori

More collage pictures can be found here - we have also been enjoying mosaic work! 

Branch cuts circles, Thick twigs, Bud cones, Guinea Fowl feathers, Strong Craft Glue (which dries clear, easily washes off the children's hands and holds all collage materials) and  Colour Diffusing Leaves are c/o

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