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I hope you had a lovely weekend. I spent the weekend reading and at the plant nursery, now it's back to reality! Did you know that Maria Montessori's birthday is next week, it's on Monday 31 August (she was born in 1870). Our schools have always held a celebration and it's nice for the children to recognise this day. Caspar has Maria Montessori: a biography for and by children and I think it's an excellent resource for children to remind them about who Maria Montessori was. 

This is a wonderful article at The Shitastrophy - Why We Chose Montessori. Alyson writes about how her 11 year old son (with ADHD and Autism) came to Montessori (after being in four different schools) and why he loves it.  "Montessori puts the child first and provides a place that will foster exploration. He moves at his own pace, being ahead in some areas and behind in others. He is learning leadership and responsibility. No one is telling him to sit at his desk and now take out his book." Yes, yes, yes!! And I was delighted to see Bleubird's children start in Montessori

Many families are preparing to go back to school. Many families are still considering if Montessori is for them. I really love and often refer people to this article from Montessori for Everyone - Will My Child Do Well in Montessori?. Also for a bit of Montessori (classroom) inspiration - this is my all time favourite Facebook page

I haven't yet congratulated Amy and family (from Midwest Montessori) on the birth of Simon, you can see a few gorgeous Montessori newborn pics here (pictures of newborn Montessori environments are so rare!). Thank you Amy for sharing these precious early days with us!

My boys have had a rough few weeks so I'm hoping this week is all smooth sailing. See you tomorrow! 

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