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Montessori Laundry and Wash Day Ideas!

Montessori Laundry Ideas at How we Montessori Wash Day books, baskets and washboards

I love involving children in every area of the home - the laundry is no exception! Young toddlers often like to sit and watch the washing go around in the washing machine or perhaps watch as a parent pegs the washing. Often they like to load the dirty washing into the washing machine. With a few materials a young child can participate in the washing and do so much more! 

1. Henry Helps with Laundry  Need a story to entice your child into the laundry?

2. This is the Way we Wash a Day (Singing with Children Series Song Book and CD). Perhaps a story and a song. I love the ideas of singing together while washing.

3. Elephant Hamper. A cute hamper is a good way to encourage even the youngest child (from walking) to put away their own washing/dirty clothes. 

4. Soap grating tray. Grating soap is a good practical life activity and the soap can be using in hand washing. Alternatively soap fakes in a little jar is a good option - especially for very young children who are not ready for grating work.  

5. Washboard and washtub. We have this washboard and it's perfect for the child hand washing. With a little soap a child can clean and see visible results. (Similar available here and here).  

6. Laundry trolley. Perfect for children who love to push and to walk the washing outside! 

7. This is a must have! A child sized laundry basket. Often small baskets can be found at markets or in discount stores. Size is important as you want the child to be able to comfortably lift and carry the basket. 

8. Clothes line and cute pegs. Perfect for hanging washing (this is often a favoured activity for toddlers and preschoolers) and all that practical life/pegging/pincer works is fabulous! 

Happy washing!