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What's New on Our Shelves August at HWM

This week I wanted feature the new trays on our activity shelves. These trays have rotated in within the last two weeks. The trays are pictured off the shelves so it's easier to see what is in them.

  • Hole Punching Tray. We have a few left over pieces of art work from our homemade envelopes and are using them for hole punching - then for pasting and decorating letters. 
  • Stencils. Although we love our shape stencils Otis is ready for more detailed work. The stencils on this tray vary from airplane, boat, car, people, leaves. One pencil is in the tray however Otis has access to many more pencils in his nearby art area. 
  • Button Sewing Tray. Following Otis our sewing tray is now focused on button sewing. 
  • Attribute Blocks (similar). All of these shapes also come in thick and thin. Used to classify shapes, sizes, colours and thickness as well as to develop logical thinking.
  • Rome Building Blocks (similar here but also love these and these) with Architectural Cards. I love to isolate different types of blocks. The Architectural Cards in this basket all use columns. 
  • Model Owls, Owl Cards and an article about the Snow Owl from a National Geographic magazine (amazing photography!). 

Following this series it's easy to see how one activity leads to another. Our sewing tray has become focused on button sewing. After our nocturnal/diurnal tray Otis wanted to spend more time looking at owls. We have been reading about planets and are now reading about the moon. 

There are lots of activities here to keep the boys thinking, building, reading, working - reinforcing what they already know, challenging their thinking and extending them. 

Please feel free to join in the link up below! I'm thinking about re-evaluating our kitchen area/shelves over the weekend. How about a kitchen area/shelves link up next week? 

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