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What's on Our (Block Area) Shelves - Link Up

Block play at How we Montessori Shelves

Our block area is less organised and frequently less tidy than the other areas in our home. The boys always want to leave our their creations and we are fortunate to have this space where they can do so.

The most popular blocks are our large unit blocks. We store them in baskets as they are mostly used outside, using baskets is the only way to facilitate this. We also rotate our smaller blocks. Many of our smaller blocks such as magnetic blocks are often stored upstairs. At the moment we have interconnecting blocks out here (in the white basket on the floor). Our Bruder vehicles are now in this room and often join into the block play (cranes, dump trucks, garbage trucks etc). We have child sized work overalls and a Bruder hard hat hanging on the wall for role play. 

What is on our block play shelves at How we Montessori

Play silks, street signs, community workers. 

What is on our block play shelves at How we Montessori #2

Dinosaurs (we often rotate to different animals but for now the boys are into dinosaurs), architectural cards, window blocks, small vehicles (mostly Siku). 

Block play at How we Montessori

When we have friends over this is the most popular play space.

Please feel free to join in the link up and share your block area or any other Montessori inspired space or activity below. You can see our previous link ups here (there are some fantastic and new to me blogs joining in!!!).

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