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What's on Our (Kitchen) Shelves - Link Up

What's on our kitchen shelves at How we Montessori August

In this week's What's on Our Shelves we are looking in the kitchen. I've shown a few pictures of this environment before and it needs to be said that while most of the materials here stay the same, today these shelves are well stocked with snacks, which is not always the case. 

The children have access to fresh snacks (yoghurt, cheese, vegetables, dips/hommus, homemade muffins or banana bread) in the refrigerator and have more fresh fruit on our kitchen bench. So most of the snacks in here are pantry type snacks; dried fruit, nuts, crackers and a few vegetable chips. 

What's on our kitchen shelves at How we Montessori #2

What is popular in snacks right now? Apple slicing, strawberry slicing and melon balling! Apples, strawberries and melons are abundant.

What's on our kitchen shelves at How we Montessori #4

We keep our glass juicer, apple slinky maker, mortar and pestle and a few other popular kitchen tools in here too. This is an active work space. Otis will use this wooden cutting board to prepare snacks or use this space to put snacks into his bowl. The (blue) compost bucket is in this space too. 

What's on our kitchen shelves at HWM

It wouldn't be our kitchen shelves without our water dispenser and lots of drinking glasses for the children. 

Please feel free to join in the link up and share your kitchen space or other Montessori inspired space or activity below. 

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