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Monarch Butterfly Lifecycle Puzzle at How we Montessori

This week I have rotated in a few of our favourite puzzles. The butterfly lifecycle puzzle is perfect to celebrate spring. Our garden is now full of bees and butterflies. 

This butterfly puzzle takes on a new meaning now that Otis is in the early stages of reading and he begins to identify the parts of the butterfly. 

Otis with wooden apple puzzle at How we Montessori

We've also rotated in our lovely apple puzzle. I love Otis' initiative as he does the puzzle directly on the table. 

Otis with wooden apple puzzle on table

We've been using the new So Awesome Emotions Cards and below have used the extension activity of drawing the emotion. Really lovely work. The Emotions deck is the largest in the series being 36 cards and it is based on Robert Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions. I haven't used this wheel of emotions before and it's such an interesting concept - especially to use with children. This has been a great way for us to explore topics we haven't covered before.  

So Awesome Emotion Cards extension activity at How we Montessori

I have learnt over time that Otis is not into standard lifecycle work or cards. He loves to use different lifecycle materials through play. This is a fun way to introduce play dough this month and different types of flowers. He has gone back to this over and over. 

Otis with spring play dough activity flowers with butterfly lifecycle activity

A noticeable difference with the introduction of spring is all the swooping birds. Which brings us to the discussion of why birds behave in this manner and the study of nests and eggs. This activity below is both a failure and a success. A failure because I was intent on making this a matching bird to egg activity with native Australian birds and I really had difficulty finding suitable photographs. So we ended up with only four types of eggs/nests. It was a success because Otis really loved it and he learnt a lot about the behaviour of these four birds. The nest of an Emu is very distinct and different from the nest make by the black swan and therefore this turned into a really valuable experience. 

Australian Native Egg and Bird Matching Activity at How we Montessori

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