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Otis at How we Montessori making pancakes 'o'

Around here today… Otis has been avoiding eating breakfast for weeks. Pancakes seem to have won him over. This morning he made pancakes for everyone. 

Otis making pancakes at How we Montessori 't'

He made 'o', 't', 'i', and 's' pancakes! On another note, Otis had a new child join his class last week, they have become good friends and can you believe his name is Otis too!

Child made hand sewn pouch with buttons at How we Montessori

Hand sewn pouches using felt. Caspar (7yrs) made the red one and Otis (4yrs) made the purple one. Really simple hand sewing.

Hand made plant hangers at How we Montessori

Last weekend Caspar and I made these plant hangers from twine. It was a really good activity for Caspar to practice tying knots for a practical and decorative result. These plants are now hanging in the boys' bedroom. 

Bedroom wall at How we Montessori World Map

Perhaps my biggest achievement today was finishing this wall paper, it's floor to ceiling in the boys' bedroom. I should give a full room tour sometime. I couldn't wait to show the boys and they were super excited. It's something I've been wanting to do for ages. My husband confirmed that it's likely his next posting will be in Brisbane again, giving me the go ahead to make this change. These pictures were taken today, Otis changed his shirt after cooking the pancakes. 

This has been a big and happy week for us, it was Otis' first week this term in which he went to school everyday for full days. We are all exhausted though! I hope you have a good weekend. 

I'd love it if you would like to link up and share any of your Montessori day, Montessori inspired environment or activity.

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