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Introducing Ordinal Numbers

Ordinal Numbers at How we Montessori

I've been looking into ways to teach Otis ordinal numbers. When using the calendar it's clear he needs help in this area. Although we have tried lots of incidental use I felt that he really needed a formal lesson where I can lay it all in front of him. 

We started using these duck cards. They go all the way up to twelfth but today we started with first to third, then up to tenth. This was really just an introductory lesson. To start to become familiar with the use of these terms. I really wanted him to grasp the concept.

Ordinal number cards at How we Montessori

After our lesson I put the duck ordinal number cards on a ring. This will help to keep them in order and will be easy for him to flip through himself. 

Ordinal number work at How we Montessori with labels

In our second lesson we used these ordinal number cards. These cards are a free download from Teachers Pay Teachers. Again we started with first to third, then up to tenth. We initially used seedpods (one of Otis' most used counting materials) however we found the different animals much easier. Once we labelled them a couple of times it was easier to 'play' with the different animals. 'Who is third?', 'what position is bat?' for example. 

Ordinal number play at How we Montessori

These were our first two introductory lessons on ordinal numbers. I hope that now we can use ordinal numbers more in play, using our calendar, perhaps cooking and in other incidental ways. I also love these ideas at Pinay Homeschool and Montessori on Mars. If you have any further suggestions on introducing ordinal numbers at home I'd love to hear.