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Otis using vegetable spiralizer

I love a good kitchen gadget especially if it encourages children to participate in the kitchen and especially if it encourages them to eat more vegetables! We have on Otis' request a vegetable spiralizer. Otis is making carrot and zucchini spaghetti! It's addictive and we are adding spiralized vegetables to everything and eating the vegetables on their own for snack.  

Otis making a terrarium at How we Montessori

Earlier in the week Otis and I made this little terrarium. We used a kit which had most things we needed including a filter mat and charcoal (we have the most fabulous plant nursery near us). Otis selected the plants. I've never been able to keep one of those fly catcher plants alive for long so hopefully this goes well. 

Otis watering terrerium

After moving late last year and not being able to bring our indoor plants with us our home is really starting to look nice and green but I'm not done yet!

Terrarium at How we Montessori

The terrarium is now home to a few creatures and is currently in the boys bedroom. I'm trying to teach the boys how to care for our plants - we have so many all with different needs. 

Montessori Peace Cards at How we Montessori #2

This is Caspar's (7yrs) Peace Makers work. I recently made the little green/blue fabric pouch. My sewing skills are basic but I've been trying to make pouches for three part cards, bits and pieces for the boys as it adds such a nice touch to the work. This Peace Makers work is really important, it's not just about the quotes but also about the work of these significant world figures. 

We only have one more week of school before the school holidays start. I can't wait and I'm starting to make tentative plans for day outings. Caspar is in the sensitive period for 'going out' so I might see if he is interested in researching and planning an outing. 

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