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Montessori at Home…Yes, You Can!

Otis making orange juice September 2015

One of my friends recently commented that she would like to do more Montessori in the home but doesn't know how. She has a good understanding of Montessori but it isn't coming together for her. She prepares activities her child isn't interested in and now he's in preschool she wonders if it's worth the effort. 

My advice? At least for the time being quit preparing activities. If he is in preschool he may not be as interested in formal work as he was in the past. But observe, keep your eyes open. Think intentionally about toys in the home and screen time. But live, just live with your child. Walk, play, read, do things together. Invite your child to work with you. 

Otis pouring orange juice September 2015

So this is what Montessori in our house looked like today. It was really simple and that is why I'm posting it!  I didn't even invite Otis over, I started making some juice and he asked if he could make it. 

Otis peeling egg September 2015

The boys wanted egg for snack. Ok, let's put the eggs in a pan and boil them, now we need to peel them. To peel three eggs took Otis about twenty minutes. A good chuck of concentration but also peaceful, quiet time.  

Otis grating cheese September 2015

Who is going to make lunch? Caspar suggested spinach and cheese melted wraps. Otis offered to make them. 

Otis making lunch September 2015

Otis didn't want to stop grating so he kept on grating for our carrot and zucchini slice, then made the rest of the slice with me. 

Otis making carrot zucchini slice

The ladle was his suggestion. 

Otis making carrot zucchini slice into pan

So little bits of time in the kitchen, just living and working along side me = lots of strength, skills, quiet concentration and lots of Montessori.

My advice is also to take it easy. Transitioning from toddlerhood to preschooler can be difficult especially if it involves leaving the home environment for school for the first time. Once a child starts school, Montessori at home may look different, take time to find what works. 

These photographs were taken over three sessions in the kitchen. Otis also did lots of language work today and lots of play outside and with his pets. 

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