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Montessori Entryways I Love

Montessori Entryways I Love at HWM

With our wet weather approaching and in an effort to keep our home and floors cleaner - I am wanting to create a Montessori style entryway for our home. I want to create a place where our children can independently hang up coats, umbrellas and possibly school bags and hats. A place for the children to sit and take off or change their shoes. A place that is easy for the children to look after and to help maintain their sense of order!

Our entryway needs to be streamlined, I don't want to clutter up our home. I'm thinking a wooden bench with baskets underneath with a few hooks at the children's height. Or perhaps a couple of stools and some baskets. I'm still thinking what our entryway would look like but here is my Montessori entryway inspiration! 

Montessori Entryways I Love #2

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