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Early Montessori Language Materials on Etsy

Early Montessori  Language Materials on Etsy

I hope you had a good weekend! We managed to spend time at the beach and then took an impromptu visit for some strawberry picking! So much fun! Have you ever been? I thought I would just post these few quick links to some early language materials on Etsy. These are in no particular order. Lots of these materials use miniatures which continues the theme from my recent post about our Alphabet Box.  

I love that Etsy never fails to give me ideas for materials I can make myself. There is a  downloadable printable here too, printable materials are great to keep in mind as they are often so easy to make if your child is at this stage and ready for this work. Looking through some of these materials also gives me ideas of activities to do with Otis in the future. I love Montessori language work! 

1. Montessori Language Mat - Initial Sound Consonants, 2. I Spy Farm Animals, 3. Montessori Phonetic Reading Blocks with Matching 3-Part Cards, 4. Reading Booklets, 5. Montessori A-Z Object Phonics Bag and 6. Montessori Pink Series Language Kit

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