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Our most used kitchen gadgets

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My children are four and seven years old. Otis who is four does a lot more food preparation and cooking than Caspar my seven year old. Otis is still in the sensitive period for practical life and still really likes spending a lot of time with me during the day and so often I am in the kitchen. Otis is doing much more preparation for dinner, our evening meal and the boys are also cooking breakfast together. So while many of our current favourite kitchen tools are the same as in the past, we have a few new ones here. Some of these we have used from toddlerhood while other require more care and are suitable for slightly older children. 

Some gadgets make food preparation fun and others make the job a lot easier. Many of these are suitable for Montessori practical life activities for the home and school environment. Tools such as the rotary grater and the egg beater have the child making coordinated movements in an incidental way. The spiral vegetable slicer and nut cracker require a strong rotation of the wrist. All of these tools also prepare the child for future cooking skills and in most cases promote healthy eating. Our electric skillet is being used almost daily for breakfast and snack. I've found this a really good way to introduce my children to cooking with heat. I would love to hear what your most used kitchen gadgets are. 

1. Cherry Chomper, 2. Apple Slinky Maker, 3. Apple Slicer/Corer, 4. Rotary Cheese Grater, 5. Veggetti/Spiral Vegetable Slicer, 6. Butter Making Jar, 7. Strawberry Slicer, 8. Egg Slicer, 9. Nutcracker (in Australia here), 10. Egg Beaters, 11. Mortar and Pestle, 12. Electric Skillet/Fry Pan.