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I love a good kitchen gadget especially if it encourages children to participate in the kitchen and especially if it encourages them to eat more vegetables! We have on Otis' request a vegetable spiralizer. Otis is making carrot and zucchini spaghetti! It's addictive and we are adding spiralized vegetables to everything and eating the vegetables on their own for snack. Earlier in the week Otis and I made this little... Read more →

A children's book about microbes? Get out of here! It was this book Tiny The Invisible World of Microbes which introduced me to author Nicola Davies. This book is actually about microbes and is for young children, I would say it is fantastic for preschoolers up. It covers complex topics such as microbes being all around us, how they are very small, how they can make us sick but can... Read more →

Two things all Montessori schools have in common is that they teach phonics and lower case letters (first). "Preschoolers who were trained in phonemic awareness scored significantly higher on tests of comprehension." - Montessori: The Science Behind the Genius. Many also argue that teaching the name of the letters and capital letters too early is detrimental "Learning capitals and names of letters, although taught first for many years, is what... Read more →

I hope you had a good weekend! We managed to spend time at the beach and then took an impromptu visit for some strawberry picking! So much fun! Have you ever been? I thought I would just post these few quick links to some early language materials on Etsy. These are in no particular order. Lots of these materials use miniatures which continues the theme from my recent post about... Read more →

Around here today‚Ķ Otis has been avoiding eating breakfast for weeks. Pancakes seem to have won him over. This morning he made pancakes for everyone. He made 'o', 't', 'i', and 's' pancakes! On another note, Otis had a new child join his class last week, they have become good friends and can you believe his name is Otis too! Hand sewn pouches using felt. Caspar (7yrs) made the red... Read more →

For a while I had been thinking about making an Alphabet Box for Otis. I really love this example at Wildflower Ramblings and wanted to make something similar. However when I went to buy a suitable box with drawers I could see that I could make an alphabet box for substantially less. I used two of these sectional boxes which were only $5 each from our local hardware store. There... Read more →

Are your children organised? Do they know what day of the week it is? When Otis (4 yrs) wakes up in the morning the first question he asks is 'what day is it today', he's trying to determine if it is a school day, if it is soccer today, what is going to happen today or next, what does he need to wear. Even if we have (as we often... Read more →

At our recent parent teacher interviews I mentioned that Otis appears not to be progressing with his reading or writing. I understand the importance of practical life and sensorial work and I appreciate the social and community aspect that school offers. But surely he should have picked up a new letter or sound by now. Surely he should be getting his 's' around the right way by now. What I... Read more →