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Phonetic Three Part Cards - for Beginner Readers

Montessori Three Part Phonetic CardsExamples of Phonetic Three Part Cards: 1. Phonetic Word 3-Part Cards Montessori Beginning Reader - Nomenclature Cards - Quality Montessori (download),  2. CVC Phonetic Reading Cards - Trillium Montessori (via TPT download), 3. Phonetic Picture Cards Level 1 - Montessori Print Shop (download) and 4. Level 1: Simplest Phonetic Words - Maitri Learning.

Otis with twelve!! Montessori phonetic three part cards at How we Montessori

Following yesterday's post it is worth discussing our phonetic three part cards. I'd love to hear your view. I haven't had them recommended to me and as far as I'm aware the boys have never used them at school. I have been sceptical as I've always preferred real materials (rather than images) and feel like children get a lot of exposure to words through readers, books and other activities. As I mentioned I only presented them to Otis as we already had them at home. 

However Otis is now on his third pack, he is loving them and choosing this work from his shelves independently. He is choosing this work when television, legos, pretend play are also options, he doesn't have 'work' time at home, within reason he is free to play (or watch) what he likes. So when he takes to something like this I pay attention. It simply means he has on his shelves the right materials for him right now. They might not be the right materials next week but that is why we observe the child. The third pack (as below) is a little more difficult so I am confident he will be using these for a while longer.  

Otis phonetic three part cards at How we Montessori

Otis is using Level 1: Simplest Phonetic Words from Maitri Learning. He places the picture cards across the work mat (though many people place the cards running down, vertically in a column).  I ensure he knows the name of each card as in this is a 'rat' (not a mouse), 'hat', 'cap', 'rug', mat'. You can see if you don't make the names clear the child might get confused. 

Otis selects a label card and places it under the corresponding picture card. The idea is the child uses the control card at the end to check their work. However if Otis gets stuck during this work, which he does occasionally, he will get out the control card to help him. He only does this once or twice which indicates his success rate is high. Each time he uses the control card he is learning, teaching himself the correct spelling/sounds of/in the word. 

Labelled phonentic three part cards at How we Montessori

These really are the most simple phonetic c-v-c words. While I wouldn't suggest phonetic three part cards are an essential work I do think they make an excellent sound/reading game. 

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