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Why we love Grimm's Wooden Toys

Why we love Grimm's Wooden Toys and Puzzle at How we Montessori

I go a little crazy for beautiful wooden toys. There is always that discussion in my mind about cost versus quality. This year we received the Grimm's wooden rainbow which I had always admired and I instantly regretted not getting it earlier. We have quite a few Grimm's wooden toys which we love but they are mostly infant and toddler toys. I'm now looking at potential Christmas presents for Otis who is four and there are quite a few Grimm's puzzles on my wish list. 

While Grimm's isn't a Montessori brand they have a great aesthetic that make so many of their products wonderful for the Montessori home. The use of natural materials, simplicity and the use of problem solving and logic in their toys (pythagorus puzzle, pentomino game) are just some of the reasons we love them. From rattles to stacking and sorting toys to puzzles here are a few of our favourite Grimm's toys. 

P.S We love and use in our home Grimm's wooden candle rings and decorations - such a lovely way to introduce themes and traditions into your home, celebrate seasonal events or for the nature table. 

Baby: 1. Natural Hexagon Wooden Rattle, 2. Wooden Hedgehog Grasping Toy, 3. Relaxing Bird, 4. Bead Grasper, 5. Rolling Bell Mini, 6. Star Wooden Rattle, 7. Fish Wooden Rattle, 8. Wooden Rattle Cube, 9. Wooden Horse on Wheels, 10. Wooden Blocks Traditional Coloured. Toddler: 11. Stacking Rainbow, 12. Sailing Boat, Blue, 13. Stacking Bowls, Coloured, 14. Octagon Small Eight Triangles, 15. Hand-carved Elephant Pull Along Natural, 16. Sorting Boxes Small, 17. Square Puzzle, 18. Small Stacking Tower, 19. Stacking Boxes, Colored, Large. Preschooler: 20. Wooden Hexahedron, 21. Goethes Colour Circle, 22. Wooden Fraction Circle, 23. Wooden Shape Puzzle Sailing Boat, 24. Butterfly Puzzle Large, 25. Right Angle Cube, 26. Gummi Twist, 27. Counting Stack, 28. Wooden Tangram Puzzle.

In Australia we use (and all of these pictured are available from) Honeybee Toys, however keep an eye on Entropy who have a lower amount required for free shipping.