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How we Montessori - Montessori Home

You know I am really passionate about children's environments. Specifically Montessori orientated environments in the home. I honestly believe no matter where you live, the size of your house or which country you live in - you can create a Montessori home, you can create Montessori inspired environments. 

How we Montessori - Children's Work Area, Montessori Shelves

What do I think are essential elements of Montessori inspired home environments?

Light. Music. Natural materials. 

Plants. A globe. Books.

Puzzles. Texture. Colour. Comfort.

Warmth. Baskets. Flowers. Children. Love. How we Montessori - Preschool Work Shelves

Be unique, be interesting, be creative! Please feel free to share your Montessori inspired environment or activity and join in our Montessori at Home link-up below. Have a beautiful weekend. 

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