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Behind the Scenes - Storage Areas

How we Montessori Shelves for Storage

Where do we store materials that are out of rotation, when they are not on the children's shelves?

Most of our materials are stored in this large cupboard. The materials are not categorised however like materials are stored with like. The drawers are not packed but each has materials in them. It's really good to have a defined area like this. If the materials don't fit then we have too many things. Large items which don't fit in these drawers go in our storage room, but there are only a couple of Montessorish items in there. We purchased this cupboard originally for Caspar's nursery and it's had a lot of uses. In this house our removalists wouldn't take it up stairs so it is left downstairs for us to make the most of. 

How we Montessori Storage Areas

You can see the boys have open access to this storage area and the top surface can become a dumping ground for materials not properly put away. Overall this area works for us. Otis can still find and get out his materials if he is looking for something specific. Yet it's still manageable mess wise. 

Storage areas at How we Montessori

All of our books are stored in this built in storage area in a spare bedroom wardrobe. Otis can easily access the first two shelves. He can make a mess here too and pull out too many books. However again it's still manageable. The third shelf up contains Caspar's chapter books and more of the higher level reading and there are more books stored on the top level. The books are not specifically sorted however Otis don't have too much trouble finding the book he wants at any time. We still have all of our board books here, they are good for my beginner reader. 

How we Montessori book storage

We have some board games stored in our laundry shelving and most of the other materials are in use. No real storage secrets or ideas. Just some practical storage areas that are easy to manage and still accessible. 

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