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Fun Headphones and our Favourite CDs.

Fun Headphones and our Favoutie CDs at How we Montessori featuring iFrogz Little Rockers Headphones

Are you looking for new CDs or music to enjoy with your children? Today I wanted to share with you some of our favourite CDs for children and I also have five sets of headphones for a giveaway (we have also been provided with one set of the iFrogz Little Rockers Headphones for the purposes of review). 

We spend heaps of time in the car and it's nice to have some fun music to put on. We often just chat or play games but if someone isn't well of if we are all tired music can be uplifting and fun. Two of our favourites CDs are music. We love the cheeky nature of Beethoven's Wig. Sing Along Symphonies and I also seriously love my children getting some exposure and knowledge of classical music. We also love the Putumayo Kids Presents CDs, they are really fun and interesting, they are real music, we have a few of their CDs but enjoy Putumayo Kids Presents World Sing Along the most (we have Putumayo New Orleans Christmas - which is a festive alternative to Christmas jingles).

Our most loved CD has really changed how we live. We have long enjoyed massage and yoga and have dabbled in guided meditation. However Enchanted Mediations for Kids (Calm for Kids) has made a visible impact on my children. It is instant calm. I hope over time it will assist my children in being able to completely relax and somewhat meditate on their own, however for now this CD has been real and practical for us to reach a level of inner peace. 

We also have a couple of Audio books which we recommend, I hope to find more that are just as enriching. We've had a few hits and misses with audio books so I'd love to hear any suggestions for the preschool age. 

Guided meditation and iFrogz Little Prockers Headphones at How we Montessori

Both of my children enjoy CDs not only in the car but also at home. To try to keep the peace my children often use headphones. Otis was obviously keen to give these a go and he uses these headphones without hesitation. 

The iFrogz Little Rockers Headphones have a few features which I really like (and puts them above our other headphones), for young children like Otis who might find headphones uncomfortable, the headpiece is covered in a very soft fabric, the ear area is covered in the same super soft fabric is really well padded.

Another feature I like is the cord only comes from one ear piece. Our other headphones have cords from both ear pieces that join in the middle. The iFrogz Little Rockers Headphones are much less likely to get tangled and are great for the child who likes to jump or dance around.

The sound limiter is included in the headphones too, this makes them super safe - there is no chance of the child's ears being blasted. The built-in sound limiter is set at 85 decibels. As expected the headphones are adjustable, the sound is clear and the headphones sit comfortably on the head. 

I didn't get a picture but I think the packaging is really cute and these headphone would be perfect for gift giving. Otis is wearing the Lion design however the headphones also come in another five designs including Princess, Monster, Fox, Monkey and Puppy!  

Listening to audio cd with iFrogz Little Rockers Headphones at How we Montessori

In Australia the iFrogz Little Rockers Headphones are available in Big W stores, RRP is $24.95. 

If you are in the US you can find the iFrogz Little Rockers Headphones here.

I have five (5) sets of iFrogz Little Rockers Headphones in the Lion design (as shown above) to give-away!! To enter please leave a comment below (at the bottom of this blog post) with one or some of your favourite CDs or audio book suggestions for children. Available to Australian residents only. Please only one entry per email address. Entries closes 8pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time), Sunday 25th October 2015.

Even if you are outside of Australia I would still love to hear some of your suggestions. 

Edited 25 October: Thank you for all of your wonderful suggestions! Comments have now closed. 

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