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Teach me about my body. Learning about skeletons!

Learning about skeletons at How we Montessori

Teach me about my body. Kids just seem to soak up information about their own bodies. From which foods are healthy, blood and their circulatory system to their bones and skeleton. We have the first discoveries book The Body which is fantastic for little ones to get a grasp of these topics. Today I wanted to look at some of the fun materials about the human skeleton that are suitable for toddlers and preschoolers.  

Skeleton materials for the young child at How we Montessori and 1. Skeleton Floor Puzzle - 15 Pieces (currently on sale 20% discount only $47.99), 2. Tuzzles Skeleton Puzzle, 3, Melissa and Doug Human Body Magnetic Dress Up, 4. Mini Skeleton, 5. Human X Rays, 6. 3D Magnetic Skeleton with Labels.   

USA: 1. Skeleton Floor Puzzle - 15 Pieces , 2. Tuzzles Skeleton Puzzle, 3, Melissa and Doug Human Body Magnetic Dress Up, 4. Mini Skeleton, 5. Human X Rays, 6. 3D Magnetic Skeleton with Labels.

We have our mini skeleton on our shelves and I love that it sits next to our globe and other materials. At any time my children can reach for the globe or the skeleton and run their fingers over it, recalling bits and pieces of information they have learnt. We also have some human x-rays which are so good, so much fun to look at. I can only imagine how much fun the broken bone x-rays would be. 

However today I wanted to share with you an excellent material for learning about skeletons for toddlers and preschoolers. I think this would be a fan-tas-tic material for Montessori toddler groups, preschool classrooms or for the home environment. There are 15 pieces to this floor puzzle, it is foam and pretty easy to put together, and it's LIFE SIZE (4'3" or 129.5cm tall). The children can lie next to it and measure themselves up. See how long or large their bones are. We repeatedly have a blast with this puzzle and with Halloween coming up, I think it's staying out. The Skeleton Floor Puzzle has been provided to us and is now on sale at Links to US sources are provided above. 

For older children or simply for the adult to use the correct language, there are labels on the reverse side of each puzzle piece. For those who don't know their Femur from their Tibia and Fibula.

Skeleton Floor Puzzle at

It's been really easy to find extension activities for this puzzle. Here Otis is drawing his own skeleton (in his own 4 year old way) on a paper cut out of this own body. 

Otis drawing a skeleton onto his body at How we Montessori

And with a bit of blu-tack the skeleton puzzle will stick to the wall (we've put one piece of blu-tack behind the skull and the rest of the skeleton/puzzle has stayed together) and Otis is having a try at naming the separate parts. 

Learning about Skeletons, skeleton puzzle on the wall  

Thank you to for the Skeleton Floor Puzzle, I love their store, you can currently get 20% off your first order when you sign up (further details are on their site) and their top sellers are now on sale here, 20% off including our lovely tempera painting station and easel. They also have lots of Montessori materials on sale such as the clothes line and trolley and so much more. 

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