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What can I do with my one year old? Part Two 18-23 months.

What can I do with my one year old? Part One 12-18 months.

On Monday evening I was listening to a presentation for parents on Montessori in the home regarding practical life. The talk was aimed at school aged children (ages 3+). A friend sitting next to me whispered "but what can I do with my one year old". Heaps! There are heaps of practical life and other Montessori orientated activities you can do at home with your one year old. Here are some examples of the activities I was doing with Otis at twelve to eighteen months. Please use common sense and safety, some children who are mouthing will not be ready to do some of these activities and close supervision is always required. 

Posting Game

Posting Games (this one is a DIY using an old yoghurt container). 

Peeling a Banana

Peeling banana slices

Load the washing machine

Loading the washing machine.

Slicing banana

Slicing banana. (Vegetable cutter available US, Australia.)

Put dirty washing in basket

Putting things away - putting dirty clothes into basket.


Lots of pointing and naming things.  

Use dot stickers

Using dot stickers.

Using playdough


Playing in the sink

Playing in the sink.

Scooping game

Playing scooping game. (Similar brass wire skimmer available US, Australia.)



Posting with DIY tube and pom poms

Posting with DIY tube and pom poms.



Learning to pour

Learning to pour

Drink from a glass

Drinking from a (real) glass

For more activities for this age group you can read all of my Otis 12 month and Otis 13-17 month posts. I have also filed Otis' activities month by month from birth two 12 months on my left side bar. I love looking back at these pictures, I really miss the toddler days. 

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