What can I do with my one year old? Part One 12-18 months.
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What can I do with my one year old? Part Two 18-23 months.

Following yesterday's post here are a few of the activities I was doing with Otis when he was 18 to 23 months old. Age isn't so relevant, it's only a guide. It depends on what your child finds interesting, what skills they have and what skills they are working on. Children of this age are often more interested in gross motor activities - if your child at this age is more interested in moving and climbing that is totally fine too. 

Pegging stacking game

Playing pegging/stacking game.

Threading with pipe cleaners

Threading with pipe cleaners.

Learning to brush teeth

Learning to brush teeth (note low mirror).

Trying some pegging

Trying some pegging.

Lock Box

Playing with a lock box. (Similar Lock Box available US and Australia, the latch boards are great and Otis also loved this one.)

Learning to spread

Learning to spread.

Lots of water play

Lots of water play (sponging, pouring, transferring).

Washing things

Washing things (preferably outside with lots of bubbles).

Washing strawberries

Preparing own snack

Playing in dirt

Playing with dirt.

Matching socks

Matching socks.

Pouring a drink - Montessori

Pouring a drink.

Matching lids

Matching lids

Peeling an egg

Peeling an egg.  

Matching animals to cards

Matching model animals to cards

For more activities for this age group you can read all of my Otis 18 to 23 months posts. If you have a child who is almost two years old you might also be interested in the 2 year posts. 

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