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What can I do with my two year old?

Pasting at How we Montessori

Do you have a two year old? Are you wondering what you can do with them, what activities might be suitable for this age group? Here are some of the Montessori activities I was doing with my child when he was two. 

Above is Pasting

Sewing activity at How we Montessori

Threading/sewing work.  

How we Montessori - Cutting an egg with a knife

Cut an egg (with a knife).   

Counting at How we Montessori

Counting work. (Pictured Tumble Down Counting Pegs

Matching birds at How we Montessori

Matching work

Mashing bananas at How we Montessori


Use a whisk at How we Montessori

Use a whisk (shell peas, peal a mandarin and cut cheese).

Make orange juice

Make orange juice

Washing the table

Wash the table (and so much more practical life work).  

Magnetic:Non Magnetic at How we Montessori

Magnet work.   


Learn to peel

Geo puzzles

Use basic puzzles. (Pictured Geo Shapes Puzzles)

Using a pipette at How we Montessori

Use a pipette or dropper to transfer water

Apple Slicer at How we Montessori

Work hard in the kitchen with apple slicing.  

Lock and Key at How we Montessori

Lock and key activity

Want more ideas? One of my most popular posts is Art Activities to Rotate at Two. You can read all of the posts for Otis at two years here. If you are looking for gift ideas my gift guide for two year olds is here. I'm a total toddler person and really loved working with my child during this age. I hope you enjoy! 

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