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Why didn't you tell me - Wikki Stix!

Wikki Stix #1 Otis

I made a terrific discovery this week. It was by chance that I came across this product and I cannot believe that I haven't seen it before. Why didn't you tell me? Wikki Stix - the best thing ever! 

Over the period of a few days our Wikki Stix have remained on our art table. It doesn't dry out and it is completely reusable. It's flexible yet can be cut with scissors. It is non-toxic and is made in the USA. Totally usable and fun for children of all ages. Both boys really surprised me with how much and with the many ways they have used it. 

To begin with Otis (as above) made his name and lots of words he is familiar with. A great way to get to know his letters and form words. Below is Otis' flower and he is making a red house. 

Wikki Stix #4 Otis with flower

I printed this worksheet below for Otis to use and Caspar had a similar sheet with more complex shapes - octagon, pentagon, parallelogram.

Wikki Stix Otis making shapes

It was great preparation work to make some 3D shapes based on our geometric solids.

Making geometric shapes with Wikki Stix

Both boys love learning about history and both love hearing about the erupting Mount Vesuvius. 

Wikki Stix Mt Vesuvius by Caspar at 7yrs

Above is Mount Vesuvius erupting by Caspar at 7yrs, complete with larva, fireballs and trees being knocked over. Below is also Mount Vesuvius by Otis at 4yrs. 

Wikki Stix Mount Vesuvius by Otis 4yrs

Hours of clean fun!! We are using this pack which is available in Australia here - if you are in Australia you can even order a free sample here! I'll be flying with the boys in the new year and I think this is a fantastic idea! 

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