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Fantastic Montessori Ikea Hacks!!

Fantastic Montessori Ikea Hacks

Who doesn't love a good Ikea hack? It's especially good when it is Montessori related. Here are some of my favourite Ikea hacks that are either Montessori inspired or really lovely ideas for a Montessori home. 

1. Children's Sofa

2. Low Child Height Book Shelves (also used in this lovely Montessori room) or how about for some mobile book storage?

3. Montessori Floor Bed

4. Children's Table (it's amazing the difference a bit of paint can make!). 

5. Light Table or this one

6. Children's Work Bench.

7. Weaning table and a tutorial here (I believe Nicole used this method or similar here)

8. Sensory, Sand or Water Table, I like this one too. 

9. Water or Sensory Table

10. Kitchen Stand 'Learning Tower' and here too

11. Children's Kitchen Space (so many ideas here). 

12. Floating Shelves - at child's height (not so much a hack but I love it). 

Have you tried any of these? I'm feeling inspired! 

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