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Fractions Formula - Must Have Game! - Elementary Montessori

Fractions Formula at child.com.au How we Montessori

Have you seen this game before? It's not a Montessori material however it was present in Caspar's previous Montessori Classroom (Cycle Two, 6-9 years). Caspar's new class doesn't have it and as I knew how much he loved it I was delighted to provide it at home (all of his favourite materials are math related!). Our Fractions Formula game is c/o Child.com.au.

It provides a visual, hands on, fun way to learn about fractions. Otis (4yrs) also loves playing this game. He can read and identify all of the fractions. He is absorbing knowledge through play! 

Hands on learning fractions at How we Montessori

The instructions are really easy however we don't play for points. When we play each player takes a card and puts the matching fraction into the tube. The players take turns and the first player to fill their tube wins. The clear tubes are equal to a whole or one. The fraction pieces are labeled and are colour coded so they match the card.  

Caspar and Otis Playing Fractions Formula at How we Montessori

Sometimes the boys will just play with the fractions, not in a game but just fill the tubes. I love that it's easy to use, easy to present and it's just good old hands on learning.

Fractions Formula at How we Montessori ℅ Child.com.au

The game is formally recommended for ages 8+ however with a child interested in math I would recommend from 6 years but certainly younger siblings and friends can also join in!   

Fractions Game for Elementary Montessori

Thank you to Child.com.au for the providing us with Fractions Formula which is also available in the US here.

If you are a teacher or homeschooler I'd love to hear if you have or would present this in your classroom!  

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