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Gift ideas for a Four Year Old!

Montessori Gifts for a Four Year Old

Here is my gift guide for four year olds!! These items are based on my own experiences and therefore potentially lean towards my own children's interests. If you are looking for board games make sure to check out some Cooperative Board Games! Craft items are popular at this age, I've also included some scientific materials and of course some gorgeous books!!

Marble Run. A four year old will need help to put this together but will find it lots of fun to use. 

Cooperative Games - we love Hoot Owl Hoot and Seed for the Birds

Wikki Stix

Knitting Fork (similar in Australia here).


Child Tool Set

Beeswax Candle Making Kit (in Australia here).

Kinetic Sand.

Flower Press (we have this one). 

Puzzles. My four year old is finding the Ravensburger Puzzles for 4+ perfect for his skill level. 

First Microscope (generally I would suggest from five years however my four year old comfortably uses this one and lots of parents are wanting first microscope recommendations).

A nice large and clear globe or Hugg-A-Planet

Grimm's have so many wonderful wooden puzzles that would make a special gift, I love the Butterfly Puzzle.

Books; Good People Everywhere, Tiny The Invisible World of Microbes, Actual Size, Animalium and Nature Anatomy

Many four years olds would also be very interested in the materials I listed in the Montessori and Educational Gift Ideas - THREE!. If you have a younger child you might like the Montessori and Educational Gift Ideas for a Two-Year Old and Gift Ideas for a One Year Old

If you would like to share a Montessori inspired space or activity please feel free to join our Montessori at Home link up below. 

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