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Montessori Stocking Stuffers! Toddlers to Preschoolers.

Montessori Stocking Stuffers at How we Montessori

I love stocking stuffers. Small gifts that fit into Christmas stockings or simply small gifts that are suitable for giving to friends (or children of friends). I love giving gifts that children will actually use. I love giving small art and craft materials, toys and tools for the garden or kitchen, that are scientific or teach the child about animals or the environment. Here is a selection of Montessori orientated stocking stuffers for toddlers to preschoolers!

My four year old (Otis) would go crazy for number 2, 3, 4, 8, 9 and 17 in particular. We have many of these and he loves number 14 and 27. Number 15 and 16 are huge favourites on our art shelves!

1. Colour Paddles, 2. Bird Call - Cuckoo, 3. Sailboat, 4. Paddleboat, 5. Rainbow Catcher, 6. Little Cook Set, 7. Bug Viewer, 8. Plants in a Bag, 9. Holiday Theme Eco Dough, 10. Knitting Tower, 11. Playsilks, 12. Garden Tools, 13. Gardening Set, 14. Snake Pencil Holder, 15. Wikki Stix, 16. Dot Markers, 17. DIY Kids Sprouting Kit, 18. Small Sunprint Kit, 19. Paint Jars (there is also a really lovely selection here), 20. Musical Frog, 21. Slide Whistle, 22. Stencils, 23. Spirograph Tin Set, 24. Magnifying Glass, 25. Rainbow Prism, 26. Toobs, 27. Flash Cards, 28. Stamp Set, 29. Cat's Cradle, 30. Model Animals, 31. Model Life Cycle.

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