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Montessori Tip: Hang Low Artwork (at the child's height!)

Montessori Tip- Hang Low Art Work

Flickr Mighty MarceHow we MontessoriHow we MontessoriApartment TherapyPenny CarnivalThree OaksTrillium Montessori (of Jacaranda Tree Montessori), How we MontessoriOur Montessori LifeNduoma (Junnifa has done a wonderful job of hanging low art and rotating interesting pictures).

I love a good Montessori nursery or play space. Montessori spaces usually feature child size furniture, shelves with trays with beautiful activities or work. So the child feels comfortable in their space and is able to reach all the materials they need. The space is designed for them. However it immediately strikes me as out of place when in Montessori spaces or any other spaces designed for children the artwork is hung at the adults height - with no possibility of the child being able to focus on it or get a good view of it. 

Children love to be surrounded by beautiful images just as adults do. Artwork can help to beautify, can help to personalise a space, assist with visual perception, it can assist with vocabulary and when the images are life like can also assist the child in learning about the world around them. 

It can be difficult if there are already hooks on the walls or perhaps it's just something the adults have overlooked. Looking at some of my favourite Montessori spaces, especially in infant rooms many parents have laminated pictures and attached them to the wall. We have used simple wooden frames and these command strips. When we removed the frames there was never any marks left on the wall. 

For artwork we have used watercolour paintings from Etsy, small paintings found at garage sales and Bit of Intelligence Cards. Other ideas I love are beautiful flashcards, images from calendars and personalised photographs. 

If you are setting up a Montessori or other children's space or even just updating a space, consider hanging low artwork at the child's height. It will make a difference. 

Some of the images above are just so beautiful!  

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