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Five ways to Apply Montessori at Home.

What can I do with my infant (birth to six months)?

Otis Munari Mobile at How we Montessori

Did you know there is such a thing as infant Montessori? There really are things you can do with your newborn! This post features lots of the activities we did with my son from birth to around six months. If you want to know more about Montessori at this age I recommend Understanding the Human BeingMontessori from the Start and The Joyful Child

Use contrasting images for developing eye sight and concentration

Infant Montessori Shelves at How we Montessori

Prepare the environment with carefully considered materials on low shelves

Otis Dancers Mobile

Consider a 'movement area' next to a wall mirror for the child to observe themselves. Children at this age can observe and track mobiles. 

Small Grasping Toy

This is a very light early grasping material, small bell rattle

Otis watching Caspar play

Keep the child involved in family activities and allow for free movement

How we Montessori Bell on a Ribbon

A bell on a ribbon is great for coordinated movement, tracking and building concentration

Wall Mirror at How we Montessori

Lots of free movement next to wall mirror

First Treasure Basket at How we Montessori

Present first treasure basket

Interlocking discs at How we Montessor

Interlocking discs are good for hand to hand transfer.

Otis with rattle at How we Montessori

More work with the hands - this is a small bell cylinder. 

Puzzle Ball at How we Montessori

A handmade puzzle ball for grasping

Tummy Time with Caspar and Otis

Tummy time.  

Tummy Time RIng on a Ribbon

Ring on a Ribbon

Getting ready to crawl at How we Montessori

Reaching and moving towards a toy, preparing to crawl

If you are interested in Montessori mobiles I have an entire category here. I feature all the mobiles we used and there are also lots of images of mobiles from other families. I also have posts of Otis as a newborn and at 2 months, 3 months, 4 months, 5 months and at 6 months

If you have a child around or close to six months you might also be interested in my recent post What can I do with my baby (6-12 months)! Next week I will post What can I do with my three year old. 

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