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What can I do with my three year old?

Perhaps learn to cook with heat at three years at How we Montessori

My youngest child is now four years old so three is still very clear in my mind. The three year old loves practical life, being involved and is often very enthusiastic. Here are a few activities we did when my son was three years old.

Cooking with heat (making pancakes).

Mystery Ba at How we Montessori

Use a mystery bag (the child identifies what is in the bag through touch only). 

Make tools accessible at How we Montessori

Arrange their tools and materials so they are accessible (using low shelving).  

Learning to write name at How we Montessori - at three years

Learn to write their name

Flower arranging at three years at How we Montessori

Flower arranging.

Improved cutting skills at three years at How we Montessori

More complex cutting (cutting out shapes)

Sweeping at three years at How we Montessori

Sweeping purposefully and successfully

Otis neatly folding cloths at How we Montessori

Folding cloths accurately and neatly

Fine motor and colour mixing activities

Colour mixing (and using a pipette)

Threading and hand sewing activities at How we Montessori

Threading and hand sewing.  

Using a knitting fork at three years at How we Montessori

Using a knitting fork

Making bread at How we Montessori

Kneading and making bread together.

Otis brushing teeth at How we Montessori

Independently brushing teeth and taking more responsibility for care of self activities.  

Otis peeling sweet potato at How we Montessori

Peeling and doing more complex food preparation tasks

Spreading with strawberry jam

Spreading and preparing own snack

Sound game at How we Montessori

Language work (working with phonics and playing sound games). 

Penguin Puzzle

More complex puzzles such as Montessori anatomy puzzles

You can read all the posts for Otis when he was three years old here! Three is often the age when children begin preschool and perhaps enter their own community for the first time. It's an exciting stage of development!

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