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A Few Things To Share...

Chalk on painted black paper at How we Montessori

As it's the school holidays I thought it would be fun to show a few things we have been doing at home. It's so important for us to spend a good amount of our holidays at home - we need the down time. Here are some pictures from today. Above is a really colourful and easy activity. I painted some art paper black and then once it dried the boys drew on it with chalk. The chalk colours come up so vibrant. (We are using Mercurius chalk.) Otis has also stuck on some glittery stars for his nocturnal scene. 

Wikki Stix Numbers and Counting at How we Montessori Dec 2015

Otis is working on writing/forming some of his numbers especially the teens. He has been using the Wikki Stix cards to help with this and it's a nice relaxed way of playing with the shape of the numbers. 

Children Just Like Me - Celebrations at How we Montessori

Everyone needs some non-fiction reading when it comes to Christmas. It's nice to read about how other cultures celebrate. (Reading Children Just Like Me: Celebrations!)

Caspar's Museum at How we Montessori

Caspar has been playing and setting up his own museum. These are his 'science' shelves. So fun watching him get involved in something like this. I hope you are enjoying your holidays too!

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