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Otis at Reverse Garbage Queensland

Caspar and Otis at Reverse Garbage Queensland

Over the weekend we went to Reverse Garbage which is a huge recycling/repurposing centre. When we first moved to Brisbane it was high on my list of places to visit, it's awesome. My kids love creating with recyclables. This visit we did something different. I called ahead and requested a barrel of collage and construction materials. I told them the age of my children and they packed the materials based on this. Best idea ever!! They will even ship the materials which is so great if you don't live close. Our 'barrel' is boxed as below and is full of fantastic materials. It's going to last us a long time and will really add value to the materials we already have at home. I'm sure you will see some collage and construction pictures soon! 

I love finding new blogs and I recently discovered this little gem Doing Montessori in Dubbo. Please click over for a peek. 

Check out this Kickstarter for the UpUp Playtower. A standing desk, jungle gym and play space all rolled into one. Thank you to Keiko for the email! 

I also recently received an email from Montessori Materials by Lakeview. I love making friends and having Montessori contacts across the world. Montessori Materials by Lakeview have broadened their material range and redesigned their website. Thank you to Ted for the lovely email and best wishes to him and his wife Karen! Have a look if you are in Canada, they have many materials you might find useful.   

I am thinking about getting Otis (4 yrs) this for Christmas. I can see that he is past playing with trucks and animals. He is really interested in human relationships, human interactions, so I'm thinking this would be perfect to assist with this type of play. I have seen this exact house used in a Montessori 6-9 classroom for language work so I'm hoping it's of good quality. I would love any suggestions or recommendations. 

I hope you enjoyed your weekend and I will see you back here tomorrow!

Creative Materials from Reverse Garbage Queensland

Otis making after visiting Reverse Garbage Queensland

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