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Give Me Some Colour Theory

Otis watercolours Christmas 2015

Some seriously beautiful watercolours. 

Shades of green - Color theory at How we Montessori

Shades of Green. All of this green reminds me of this book

Spectrum Mosaics at How we Montessori

Using Spectrum Mosaics (ours are from here). From this pack - Did you know that due to the way the human eye perceives colour, warm colour appears closer, while cool colours appear further away? How do colours make you feel? Do warm colours relax or stimulate? 

Goethe Colour Wheel at How we Montessori

Beautiful puzzle. Goethe Colour Wheel. 

Warm colours at How we Montessori

Warm colours (sunsets). Our house is full of Christmas bush (the little red flowers in the middle). 

Cool colours at How we Montesssori

Cool colours (ocean and the sky). Crayons c/o Crayola

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