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Handmade Decorations - A Modest and Simple Christmas

Painting salt dough Christmas decorations at How we Montessori

Our Christmas preparations so far have been extremely modest. Over the weekend we made some decorations which is a real tradition for us. Salt dough ornaments are a favourite because they are so easy and I love their simplicity. 

We are aiming for a modest and simple Christmas. I have the boys' presents organised (should I build Otis' eco house or give it to him in the box?), their Christmas pyjamas are ready to go and I will probably only pick up one or two more things. 

Otis painting salt dough ornaments for a handmade Christmas decorations at How we Montessori

Over the upcoming weeks we will continue to make a few more ornaments and decorations. It's a nice way to build up to Christmas day and we still have plenty of time for making. The boys have been using our Reverse Garbage materials and it's getting very creative around here (Otis has made a Christmas tree below). 

Otis handmade Christmas tree using repurposed materials

We will also make our cards and gift tags. And of course there is Christmas baking. I have thought very seriously about our tree this year. It's always a dilemma, in the past few years we have had fresh trees however this year we have chosen differently - our tree below is made locally from local materials. And it's simple. Perfect. 

Otis hanging hand made Christmas decorations

We love handmade decorations and some of our favourites from a few years ago are here. How do you prepare for and celebrate Christmas?

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