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One of the most striking features of our Montessori areas has always been our low shelves. This set was handmade and purchased well before Otis was born. When putting together Otis' Montessori bedroom these low shelves were one of the first pieces of furniture we used. Why does a newborn need low shelving? For consistency and order. From birth the infant knows and understands where their materials are kept. Otis' first toys and materials like rattles were kept in a basket on the bottom shelf. As soon as he could move he would go to his shelves for his materials.... Read more →

What is the greatest risk; children using knives or children not using knives? Does the risk lie in teaching a child the skills required to use a knife or is the risk in not allowing a child to use a knife and denying them important life skills? As a Montessori parent my children started using knives as toddlers. They started with a butter knife (or other dull round tipped knife and also vegetable choppers) to cut something soft like a banana. As the child gets older the knife gets sharper and the food gets harder or more difficult to cut.... Read more →

Over the weekend we went to Reverse Garbage which is a huge recycling/repurposing centre. When we first moved to Brisbane it was high on my list of places to visit, it's awesome. My kids love creating with recyclables. This visit we did something different. I called ahead and requested a barrel of collage and construction materials. I told them the age of my children and they packed the materials based on this. Best idea ever!! They will even ship the materials which is so great if you don't live close. Our 'barrel' is boxed as below and is full of... Read more →