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The Montessori Drink Station. This will make your life easier!

 Drink station at How we Montessori

I love any idea that saves time and makes life easier. Having a drink station in your home is one of those ideas. It will make your life easier. It is really simple and cheap to set up and the children will find is so, so useful. 

No one likes a child constantly asking for a drink (or for their water bottles to be refilled), if they are hot and bothered it makes it a whole lot worse. With a drink station the child can easily help themselves. 

Otis pouring a drink at drink station at How we Montessori
Parents of toddlers please note these top two pictures are of our drink station when Otis was only one year old. If the child isn't ready or familiar with glass drinkware, plastic cups could be used. The child is still independently getting a drink. My nephew will be staying with us soon and I can't wait to show him how it works!

We have a ceramic water dispenser (it has a built in filter) however there are many dispensers available that are really low cost (in Australia Big W, K Mart and similar stores have water dispensers with a similar action). Also make sure there is always a sponge or cleaning cloths available for the child to clean up any spills. 

We have previously located our drink station on the bottom shelf in our pantry however as we are now in summer it is on a small table near the kitchen. On extra hot days it's easy to put ice in it to keep the water nice and cool. Super simple but it can mean the world to the child who no longer  has to ask for a drink.   

Otis drinking station at low table at How we Montessori

A drink station is also a really good way of prompting the child to rehydrate and to drink more water. For me it's a win-win. If you don't have drink station already I really encourage you to give it a go!

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