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Montessori Toddler Shelves to Love

Our Toddler Area (for our toddler/17 month old visitor)

Toddler Shelves (for our visitor) at How we Montessori

The boys' cousin will be visiting this month (and staying for Christmas!!). I really want to make him feel welcome but most of all I want to provide him with the opportunity to work and play with developmentally appropriate toys (in a developmentally appropriate environment) while staying with us.

Toddlers can often feel unsettled when out of their routine and home environment and possibly frustrated when the environment doesn't match their capabilities. So while I will need to observe him and see if this environment works for him (he can also eat and draw/do other activities at this table) I think this a really good start. 

We don't have many toddler materials as I have sent most of ours to my sister already. So this is a small collection of things we have around the house that I hope he will find interesting and engaging. 

Toddler Shelves at How we Montessori (for our toddler visitor)

I would love to add a lock box to this area however we will be giving him one (this Doorbell House) for Christmas. Here we have a weaning table and chair (nice and low for a toddler), some low shelves and a soft rug (I might add some cushions) for working and reading or just for some down time. (The wall map isn't for him to use it was already in this location, I would typically hang some cute artwork but he is visiting for a short time. We have temporarily rearranged Otis' work area so his cousin can use his shelves.) 

We have some simple matching puzzles (similar), short to tall puzzle (similar), a couple of board books, stacking cubes (I didn't include the largest cube), matching model animals to cards, a Jack-in-the-box (similar), and some textured shaped balls. On the table I currently have some model insects

Toddler Shelves at How we Montessori (for our toddler visitor who is 17 months old)

I can't wait to see if this area works for our little visitor but if not I have a few more ideas and we can mix it up to suit his needs. Most of all the boys just can't wait to see their little cousin! 

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