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What Toddlers Can Do In The Kitchen (15 months to 3 years).

Toddlers in the kitchen at How we Montessori

Transferring food at fifteen months (from chopping board to pan), Using a vegetable cutter at 17 months, Using tongs at 17 months, Washing food (and independently making snack) at 18 months

As I've mentioned we have a toddler staying with us over Christmas. It seems like the perfect time to give myself a refresher on what a toddler can do in the kitchen. These are some examples of Otis in the kitchen when he was young. The ages are not necessarily a guide, each child is different and has different skills. I hope this serves as a bit of Montessori toddler inspiration! 

Toddlers in the kitchen part 2 at How we Montessori

Using a melon baller, Cutting a banana, Cutting and slicing strawberries and Peeling an egg all at 18 months. 

What a toddler can do in the kitchen at How we Montessori part 3

Spreading at 18 months, Scrubbing potatoes at 18 months, Baking from scratch at 2 years, Using a masher at 2 years. 

Toddlers in the kitchen part 4 at How we Montessori

Making apple slinkys, Peeling, Using a cooke cutter, Using a whisk all at two years. 

Toddlers in the kitchen part  5

Slicing apples, Juicing oranges, Using a Cherry Chomper, Cooking pancakes all at 3 years.

I hope you and your little ones are enjoying lots of cooking and baking during this holiday season!

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