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Otis exploring sea life at How we Montessori starfish

Caspar and Otis started back at school this week and their desire for knowledge has only increased. Both are intrigued by the ocean so I am working on setting up a semi permanent ocean nature table. (Otis is reading Nature Anatomy and First Discoveries The Seashore above - both fantastic resource books). Starfish are just amazing, the boys have never seen one up close so this has been a wonderful experience. 

Color Wheel at How we Montessori, Montessori color work

For a while we've been working on colour theory and the boys have made a few colour wheels, but this one from mosaics is really special. I am so proud of their efforts. It would also be nice to make a colour wheel from found items or with items from nature - we might give it a try!

White on black contrast drawing at How we Montessori

I love this idea of exploring the contrast of white on black. Otis has an interest in all things nocturnal and he has done lots of drawing on black paper (depicting the night). This basket contains lots of white materials such as the paint marker, pencils, crayon, pastel, chalk and chalk pencil for him to explore. He has a black paper note book so I might add that to this tray. 

Aster and Oak Organic Babywear at How we Montessori Australia

I've mentioned our love of organic clothing for children and we love to support Australian brands. This is a lovely example of very fun organic baby wear by Aster and Oak (Facebook here). The designs are adorable and the cotton is super soft and durable. It's nice to be able to support up and coming brands so please have a look if you are in the market (clothing c/o Aster and Oak).

I hope you have a lovely weekend!  

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