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Montessori Egg Peeling, Slicing (and more) Activities

Montessori Egg Slicing Tray at How we Montessori

Peeling a boiled egg is something a very young child can do. Peeling and then later slicing an egg are really good activities for building concentration and developing fine motor skills. The best thing is it's really productive, the child knows they can eat the egg or serve it to others.

Montessori Egg Peeling and Slicing Activities

1. Cooking with a Toddler: Peeling and Slicing Eggs at Nduoma, 2. Montessori Teaches Gentleness at How we Montessori, 3. Egg Slicing Tray at Montessori Services, 4. Montessori Egg Cutting Set at Kid Advance, 5. Egg Slicing Tray at Counting Coconuts, 6. Montessori at Home at Bleubird Blog, 7. Otis peeling at egg at How we Montessori, 8. Montessori Practical Life Ideas at Welcome to Mommyhood, 9. Egg Slicing at Montessori Teachings, 10. Montessori in the home: Egg Slicing Activity at Mother Me Montessori (I love the idea of presenting the eggs with crackers).  

If you have a young child and are interested in these activities please give it a go, give it a go more than once and see how capable your child is. 

There are also many other really good activities children can do with eggs which I couldn't help but include below. 

More Montessori Activities to do with Eggs

11. Making Scrambled Eggs on an Electric Skillet with Your Toddlers (Video) at Montessori on the Double, 12. Whisking Eggs - Food Prep at Two at How we Montessori, 13. Using an egg beater (this one is from Ikea, their egg slicer is good for children too) at How we Montessori (great for coordination!), 14. Montessori and Knives at How we Montessori, 15. Crushing egg shells at Just Montessori (read about what they do with the shells), 16. Eggheads with cress hair at Nurture Store.

This is an excellent article Brooke Peels a Boiled Egg (at 16 months!!) from Montessori on the Double. And this video of egg cracking at two years.

If your child really enjoys this work (and you have lots of eggs) why not make egg salad (at Mostly Montessori at 22 months)?

It's wonderful if the child has the opportunity at home or school to collect the egg/s first and then after the activity reuse, recycle or compost the egg shells. 

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